14 worst facts about smoking

Probably every smoker is sick of talks about how smoking is harmful, but still, it's nice to occasionally remind us of all harmful effects which have the most abundant vice between people.

On the eve of the International Tobacco-Free Day, we should remember the worst things that cigarettes bring, that's why you should seriously think to quit this bad habit.

Maybe you think it is "cool" to smoke after lunch or after sex, but you know that it is not healthy. Here are the 14 basic facts that can confirm that smoking slowly kills.

Fact number 1
Even 'passive smoking' causes numerous diseases with fatal consequences.
Fact number 2
Even the smoke of only three cigarettes, produces more greenhouse gases then the motor of a car that runs for half an hour.
Fact number 3
Many toxins that can be found in the cigarette smoke, are invisible to the environment and contain odorless gases that can not be removed from the ventilation or the air filtration systems.
Fact number 4
Worldwide an estimated 750 million children are exposed to cigarette smoke.
Fact number 5
It is estimated that, every year in the world around 200,000 workers die because of exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace.
Fact number 6
Until now, it hasn't been found a safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke.
Fact number 7
In a room filled with cigarette smoke, pollution levels can be up to 50 times greater than the level of pollution in the tunnel with passing vehicles.
Fact number 8
Tobacco industry backs protests against the ban on smoking in bars, restaurants and clubs around the world.
Fact number 9
For those trying to stop smoking, it is desirable to sit in rooms where there is no smoke to ease the process of withdrawal.
Fact number 10
Citizens abide by the law banning smoking in public places. For example, in Italian cities, the law is respected in 98.5 percent, and in New York in 97 percent of the cases.
Fact number 11
Pregnant women who are non-smokers but are exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to give birth to a baby with low weight or to give birth prematurely.
Fact number 12
Even ¾ of the adults support the law to protect the owners from exposure to cigarette smoke and banning smoking in work and public places.
Fact number 13
All previous studies have shown that the law banning smoking does not damage the catering facilities.
Fact number 14
There is increasing evidence that a total ban on smoking leads to 10 to 20 percent reduced intervention in acute myocardial infarction.