Effects of Smoking and Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Effects of Smoking

If you smoke then you are also enhancing the chances of diseases that will end up in death. The major effects of smoking are the lung cancer (Smoking and Lung Cancer), coronary heart disease, mouth cancer and severe problems regarding throat, kidney, bladder and pancreas.

Most of the diseases caused due to smoking are so severe that there are no treatments available for these diseases. The diabetic patients who smoke a lot will suffer from severe gangrene problem. Now, this is the high time and you must quit smoking immediately.

A Question For Smokers: Would You Drink Ammonia?

This is scary: Did you know that there are chemicals added to cigarettes which increase the speed at which nicotine reaches your brain? One example is ammonia. The organic chemists of the tobacco industry knew that nicotine made a person feel a lot better if it was quickly delivered to the brain.

After spending millions of dollars experimenting on animals, they came up with the idea of using ammonia, which prevents the filter from removing as much nicotine as filters without ammonia do. Therefore, smokers tend to puff harder and longer, giving their brain a higher dose with each puff taken.

The addition of ammonia represented a very important breakthrough for the tobacco industry because it allowed smokers to receive very high levels of nicotine, which increased the addiction rate.

Ammonia is one of the main reasons that your first cigarette of the day is so enjoyable. Your brain went without nicotine while you were asleep, so it wants some right away.

That first puff rapidly delivers a large amount of nicotine because of the added ammonia to your brain in seven seconds. It's like drinking a whole glass of water when you are really thirsty. It just gets soaked right up.

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Quit Smoking Tips:

  • Firstly, you need a firm determination to quit smoking. When you have determined firmly to quit smoking, and then decide a date. Now, from this particular date, you will firmly determine to quit smoking.
  • As the date of quitting is nearing, try to reduce the cigarette intake and the conditions when you smoke. Take a glass jar, fill it with water and drop all the butts of cigarette into it.
  • For a smoker, smoking is one of the essentials. Now you have decided to quit smoking and to attain the quitting, try some other work at the time of smoking.
  • In your free time, try to concentrate on the advantages after you quit smoking cigarette.

Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Benefits of quitting smoking are many. If you quit smoking then there will be considerable minimization in the risk involved due to cancer, heart disease and other deadly diseases. Earlier you use to get tired up easily, but now you have more power. You will also gain resistance from cough, cold and flu.

Another benefit of quitting smoking will also save the money, which you were burning to destroy your health. Nicotine will show its effects in the initial phases of quitting smoking. It would be almost impossible to handle this temptation of nicotine.

However, try to divert your mind. You will also have to face the withdrawal symptoms like headache, irritation and coughing. All these are positive signs of quitting smoking. Drink water to avoid them and make your hands and mouth busy.

You may feel anxiety during the initial phases of quitting smoking. To get rid of anxiety, do not opt to take caffeine drinks, instead inhale deep breaths and go for walk. Exercise is the best way to handle the problem.

Another important one of the benefits of quitting smoking is that carbon monoxide (CO) level in your blood will minimize and there will be considerable increment of oxygen level.

Your skin will turn pink and there will be glow at your face. Your heartbeat will be normal and lungs become clearer. If you are not smoking for a year or two, your risk to heart attack gradually decreases.

Look out for a friend interested in getting rid of it, to make it more interesting. Both of you can do wonders. Always try to avoid places that encourage smoking. Many people usually put on a lot of weight after quitting smoking. Go for exercise program, eat healthy food and improve your way of living to avoid weight gained.

Some drugs can replace the harmful nicotine. But, it should not be taken without the advice of Doctor, for instance Bupropion, Nicotine inhaler, Nicotine gum, and Nicotine nasal spray. These drugs will surely helpful in quitting smoking