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Original Sopharma Product Manufactured in Bulgaria.


Tabex® is a natural product against smoking that contains the extract cytisine. Cytisine has an extensive effect on pathogenetic mechanisms of nicotine dependence.
The extract cytisine is an antagonist of the nicotine receptors.
Cytisine has wider range of therapeutic effects than nicotine which makes its profile of action safe.
Cytisine reduces depressive symptoms that are related to discontinuation of nicotine intoxication.


Administration and dosage: 


Tabex is administered per-orally in accordance to the following schedule:
 - First 3 days: 1 tablet 6 times daily (every 2 hours) with a parallel reduction of the number of cigarettes smoked.
If the result is not satisfactory, the treatment is discontinued and a new therapy can be resumed after 2-3 months.
In case of good effect, the treatment should continue according to the following schedule:
 - 4th to 12th day: 1 tablet every 2 1/2 hours (5 tablets daily)
 - 13th to 16th day: 1 tablet every 3 hours (4 tablets daily)
 - 17th to 20th day: 1 tablet every 5 hours (3 tablets daily)
 - 21st to 25th day: 1 to 2 tablets per day
The smoking cessation should occur by the 5th day after the initiation of the treatment.
After the end of the therapeutic course, to have great results, the patient should have a strong will, not allowing the lighting of a cigarette.
Smoking causes unpleasant feeling during Tabex® administration.The number of cigarettes smoked during the first three days should be decreased.The total smoking cessation should occur not later than the fifth day after the beginning of the course.The Tabex's course of treatment usually lasts 25-30 days.

Ingredient: Natural herbal extract - Cytisine.

Form: Tablets of 1.5 mg each.

Indications: Chronic nicotinism (tabacosis) - for breaking the habit of smoking.

Effect on machine operators and drivers: Tabex is considered safe and induces no changes in the physchophysical status, driving ability and machine operation.

Interactions: No data is available about undesired interactions between Tabex and other products.

Undesired adverse effects: Clinical studies showed a good tolerance to the product
and grave adverse effects were not observed. The following side effects are rather often observed at the
beginning of taking Tabex: Changes in both taste and appetite, headache, dryness in the mouth, irritability, constipation, nausea. The majority of the side effects will abate in the course of the treatment.

Supplied: The tablets Tabex are packed in PVC/aluminum foil blister strips. Each blister strip contains 20 film tablets. Five blister strips are neatly packed in a cardboard box together with package insert.

Storage: In original packages, in light-protected and dry premises at temperature of 15° -25° C (60° - 75° F).

Term of expiration: Two years from manufacture date.

How dispensed: No physician prescription is required.

Name and address of manufacturer: Sopharma AD, 16 Iliensko Chossee St. Sofia, Bulgaria 1220.


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